Poblete, Horacio; Agarwal, Anirudh; Thomas, Suma S.; Bohne, Cornelia; Ravichandran, Ranjithkumar; Phospase, Jaywant; Comer, Jeffrey; Alarcon, Emilio I.
New Insights into Peptide-Silver Nanoparticle Interaction: Deciphering the Role of Cysteine and Lysine in the Peptide Sequence
LANGMUIR, 32:265-273, JAN 12 2016

We studied the interaction of four new pentapeptides with spherical silver nanoparticles. Our findings indicate that the combination of the thiol in Cys and amines in Lys/Arg residues is critical to providing stable protection for the silver surface. Molecular simulation reveals the atomic scale interactions that underlie the observed stabilizing effect of these peptides, while yielding qualitative agreement with experiment for ranking the affinity of the four pentapeptides for the silver surface.


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