Sellers, Michael S.; Hurley, Margaret M.
XPairIt Docking Protocol for peptide docking and analysis
MOLECULAR SIMULATION, 42:149-161, JAN 22 2016

The mechanics of peptide-protein docking has long been an area of intense interest to the computational community. Here we discuss an improved docking protocol named XPairIt which uses a multitier approach, combining the PyRosetta docking software with the NAMD molecular dynamics package through a biomolecular simulation programming interface written in Python. This protocol is designed for systems where no a priori information of ligand structure (beyond sequence) or binding location is known. It provides for efficient incorporation of both ligand and target flexibility, is HPC-ready and is easily extensible for use of custom code. We apply this protocol to a set of 11 test cases drawn from benchmarking databases and from previously published studies for direct comparison with existing protocols. Strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement are discussed.


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