Duarte Junior, Francisco Ferreira; de Lima Neto, Quirino Alves; Rando, Fabiana dos Santos; Bassalobre de Freitas, Douglas Vinicius; Pattaro Junior, Jose Renato; Polizelli, Lorena Gomes; Ferreira Munhoz, Roxelle Ethienne; Vicente Seixas, Flavio Augusto; Fernandez, Maria Aparecida
Identification and molecular structure analysis of a new noncoding RNA, a sbRNA homolog, in the silkworm Bombyx mori genome
MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS, 11:801-808, 2015

The small noncoding group of RNAs called stem-bulge RNAs (sbRNAs), first reported in Caenorhabditis elegans, is described as molecules homologous to the Y RNAs, a specific class of noncoding RNAs that is present in vertebrates. This homology indicates the possibility of the existence of sbRNAs in other invertebrate organisms. In this work, we used bioinformatic tools and conserved sequences of sbRNAs from C. Elegans and Y RNAs to search for homologous sbRNA sequences in the Bombyx mori genome. This analysis led to the discovery of one noncoding gene, which was translated into RNA segments and comparatively analysed with segments from human and hamster Y RNAs and C. elegans sbRNAs in molecular dynamic simulations. This gene represents the first evidence for a new sbRNA-like noncoding RNA, the BmsbRNA gene, in this Lepidoptera genome.


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