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Johan Strümpfer and Klaus Schulten. The effect of correlated bath fluctuations on exciton transfer. Journal of Chemical Physics, 134:095102, 2011. (9 pages). (PMC: 3064689)

STRU2011A Excitation dynamics of various light harvesting systems have been investigated with many theoretical methods culminating in the non-Markovian description that uses the hierarchy equation of motion of dissipative quantum dynamics. It is typically assumed in such a description that each excited state is coupled to an independent thermal environment, i.e., fluctuations in different environments are uncorrelated. Here the assumption is dropped and the effect of correlated bath fluctuation on excitation transfer is investigated. It is shown for models of the B850 bacteriochlorophylls of LH2, that correlated bath fluctuations have a significant effect on the LH2$\to$LH2 excitation transfer rate. It is also demonstrated that inclusion of static disorder is crucial for an accurate description of transfer dynamics.

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