Oracle Calendar is a shared calendar program maintained as a service by CCSO/CITES at UIUC. It was previously known as CorporateTime, but was bought by Oracle and the name changed. Clients are available for most major platforms; it is installed as ocal on the Linux and Solaris boxes, and is installed as a separate application on appropriate Windows and Mac OS X machines. The software is available free of charge for UIUC faculty, staff, and students, and so can be installed on personal laptops and home machines; there is also a quite useful web client.

Obtaining an Account

Every user can get their own separate account on the system. They must be requested through Tim, but they are paid for by the group. Your username will be same as your NetID, and your password must be set here using your NetID password.

Using the Software

Rather than giving a full tutorial on the software, please refer to the UIUC and Oracle documentation for the OracleCalendar package here.

Basic configuration steps that aren't so well documented: when you first load the program, it will ask you to log in. You must first select "Other" to choose which server to log into; you will be connecting to calendar.uiuc.edu, preferably with some basic encryption. Save, make this your default login site, and connect at your leisure. There is a "automatically log on" option you can use if you'd like.


While the main system is backed up regularly by CCSO/CITES, this is meant to protect against catastrophic failure, *not* user error. If you make a mistake and delete an entry in your calendar, or overwrite some information, we will be unable to recover it. Users can perform their own backups with the 'Export Data' function if they deem it necessary.


Personal Calendar

Each username has his or her own personal calendar, which they are in charge of maintaining (but are not obligated to).

Group Calendar

The TB Group calendar is under the name 'TB-Group', and is maintained by the group administrators (Marilyn, Tim, Emad, etc). It can be viewed on the web here, or can be viewed normally through OracleCalendar.

When adding entries, make sure you mark them as Access Level 'Public', so they can be viewed by everyone!

Klaus' Calendar

Klaus' calendar is under the name 'TB-Klaus', and is maintained by Marilyn. It can be viewed by Jo, Marilyn, Gila, and Klaus. It is meant to take the place of the paper version of the same calendar.

Administrative Information

Account Creation and Maintenance

Account creation is taken care of by Tim. Account requests go to calendar@uiuc.edu; they need the NetID AND the account that will be charged for the account. Costs are $2/month/account (starting Jan 2003).

Installation Information

Encaps of the software are installed in /usr/local/encap/OracleCalendar-VERSION for both Linux and Solaris; these are distributed here. Windows and Mac OS X clients are available from this page. They should be installed on all systems that require them - specifically the administrative machines. They are free of charge for UIUC users.

The web client is always available.

There are also Palm Pilot and PocketPC syncing packages of the software, which actually work quite well. They cost $15 per user, however.