Starting October 2001, we have begun to maintain a Cover Pages web site. Items are added to this list by the sysadmin team. However, several pieces of information are necessary to put items on this site:
  1. A JPG image of the cover, approximately 1024 pixels tall.
  2. The text that should go next to the picture, exactly as it should appear - this should be a citation, in most cases.
  3. TBCode of an appropriate Group-published article, for linking to our publication database (talk to Jo), or other link to relevant information if no article is available.
  4. Date of publication, so we can put it in alphabetical order.
Send to Tim and Gila. The sysadmin team will take care of:
  1. Creating a thumbnail image (100 pixels wide):
    convert -size 100 cover312.jpg cover312-tn2.jpg
  2. Making sure the full size image is web distributable
  3. Creating and inputting the HTML


Cover Pages