TCB Cluster Building Workshop
Participant Profile

There were 22 participants in the workshop. Participants applied for a seat, and were selected from a pool of 58 applicants.

Profile information indicates the average participant had earned or was close to earning a doctorate, and was working in an academic position at a university.  A distribution of education is provided in Table 1 and of affiliation in Table 2.

For the September 22-23 workshop, participant description is as follows:

Highest Degree Earned Number
Undergraduate 4
Masters 4
Doctorate in progress 6
Doctorate 6
Other 2

Table 1: Breakdown of participants and their current educational standing.

Affiliation Number
Education 21
Government 1
Other 1

Table 2: Distribution of types of participant work locations.


Name Affiliation Institution Highest Degree
Aleksei Aksimentiev Academic UIUC PhD
Charmaine Armitage Academic UIUC PhD*
Rahul Biswas Academic UIUC PhD*
Cesar Cadena Academic University of Notre Dame PhD*
Daniel Davidson Academic UIUC BA/BS
Keqing Fa Academic UIUC PhD
Chad Fendt Academic UIUC PhD*
Keith Frazier Other UIUC Other
Loren Heal Academic UIUC BA/BS
Donald Johnston Academic UIUC BA/BS
Andrey Kalinichev Academic UIUC PhD
Paul Kennedy Academic UIUC MA/MS
Paul King Academic UIUC MA/MS
Bowon Lee Academic UIUC PhD*
Aaron Lippold Government Defense Information Systems Agency BA/BS
Larry Nelson Academic UIUC Other
Wei Ren Academic UIUC MA/MS
Daniel Rock Academic UIUC PhD*
Aashish Sharma Academic NCSA MA/MS
Benjamin Wandelt Academic UIUC PhD
Wang Xiaojian  Academic UIUC PhD

*denotes PhD is in progress.