Example of VMD X3D scene export: Myoglobin

Starting with VMD 1.9, molecular scenes can be exported to the X3D scene description format, a next-generation interactive 3-D markup language that is much more modern and extensive than previous standards such as VRML. VMD supports scene export to both "full featured" X3D, and a limited subset of the X3D standard that allows the scene to be displayed by the in-browser X3DOM X3D viewer based on Javascript and WebGL.

Below is an example of how to use X3DOM to display molecular graphics exported from VMD in any WebGL-capable browser.

If you don't see the myoglobin structure appear below after ten seconds, or if you get an error message, visit the X3DOM page to see a current list of WebGL-capable browsers and related information.

The X3D Inline node embeds an X3D scene referenced by a given URL into the current scene.

The unprocessed raw HTML for this example can be viewed available here.