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Dear NAMD User,

Our records indicate you have downloaded a recent version of the NAMD software. As part of our ongoing effort to keep NAMD an outstanding program for molecular modeling, we are seeking feedback from NAMD users. Your answers to the questions below will help us develop NAMD in ways which are most responsive to your needs and the needs of the biomedical community.

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey by July 26, 2011. Individual responses will be kept confidential. A report summarizing results across individual responses will be posted at the NAMD website. Thank you in advance for your participation.

The NAMD Development and TCBG Evaluation Teams
mailto:survey@ks.uiuc.edu?subject=Question about NAMD 2011 Survey

1. Email Address: *
2. Affiliation: *
3. Area of study: *
4. My level of expertise with molecular modeling is: *
5. My level of expertise with NAMD is: *
6. The work I do with NAMD is funded (at least partially) by NIH: *
7. The work I do with NAMD is biomedically relevant: *
8. On my desktop/laptop I primarily use NAMD on: *
9. For parallel computing I use NAMD on (check all that apply): *
Small Linux Cluster (< 100 nodes)
Large Linux Cluster
Cray Supercomputer
IBM Blue Gene
Other (please specify)
10. I use NAMD primarily for: *
11. The number of people using NAMD at my site is: *
12. I use NAMD for__________of my molecular dynamics simulations: *
13. I use NAMD because it:
Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree
a) Meets my needs *
b) Is free *
c) Includes source code *
d) Is user friendly *
e) Is better than other molecular dynamics programs *
f) Is critical for my work *
14. I have downloaded the NAMD source code to:
Yes No NA
a) Examine algorithms *
b) Compile executables *
c) Locate bugs *
d) Add new features *
e) Reuse in my own programs *
15. I primarily generate input files for NAMD with: *
Other (please specify)
16. Rate the importance to your work of these PLANNED enhancements:
Very Important Important Somewhat Important Unimportant Unsure
a) Serial performance *
b) Graphics processor acceleration *
c) Scaling on 1000's of CPUs *
d) Scaling for small molecules *
e) Repeatable parallel runs *
f) Fault tolerance & recovery *
g) Automated simulation setup *
h) Improved user interface *
i) Easier to extend source code *
j) Molecular dynamics flexible fitting *
k) Implicit solvent models *
l) Polarizable force fields *
m) Quantum/classical simulations *
n) Replica-based methods *
o) Free energy calculation *
p) Coarse-grained models *
q) Trajectory analysis tools *
17. Select the PLANNED enhancement that should have the highest priority for development: *
18. Rate your agreement with these statements describing NAMD:
Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Disagree Strongly Disagree
a) NAMD is a well written program *
b) NAMD developers respond to my requests *
c) NAMD support meets my needs *
d) NAMD documentation is clear *
e) NAMD documentation is complete *
19. I am satisfied with NAMD: *
20. NAMD has improved the quality of my work: *
21. Not having NAMD available (e.g., in case of discontinued funding of NAMD development) would negatively impact my scientific productivity: *
22. I would cite my use of NAMD in resulting publications: *
23. I have used the NAMD tutorial: *
24. What suggestions do you have for improving NAMD and NAMD support?: